SVG Animation - 2018

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SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

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SVG is a family of specifications of an XML-based file format  for describing 2D vector graphics, both static and dynamic. SVG is gaining popularity on the web as an image file format.


Bitmap vs SVG
  • Vector graphics format
  • MIME type: image/svg+xml.
  • Intended for 2-dimensional vector graphics on the web.
  • Partially supported by several web browsers and browser plug-ins.
  • XML-based text format.
  • Static and animated graphics.
  • Supports RGB color with an optional alpha channel
  • Developed by the W3C SVG Working Group since 1998

For more information on SVG including it's futere, go to 2010 Conference Video on SVG - 800x600
or you can watch it here (480x320).

It will guide you to the future of SVG with IE9, CSS3 and HTML5 through a video from MIX10 conference 2010.

The video shows everything about SVG and actually it's a very good tutorial.

It may take 3-20 seconds to load.
It's not a small file (30-40 minute running time).

You can watch the video here, too. Go to Mix10

Also, you may want to look 20 SVG uses that will make your jaw drop.

SVG is incompatible with your browser?

Article for the Next Web, 8/27/2012, svgeezy-detects-svgs-site-automatically-falls-back-images-older-lamer-browsers
SVGeezy detects SVGs on your site and automatically falls back to raster images for older browsers.

Try SVGeezy
Or get the fallback javascript here., svgeezy.tar.gz

SVG Examples #1

To view SVG files in Internet Explorer, users have to download and install a browser plugin, such as Adobe SVG Viewer from Adobe SVG Viewer.

Here is an example of SVG animation Animation using path

The following examples of SVG animations can be used as a SVG tutorial but it meant to be a gallery showing different aspects of SVG. However, you can have the access to all the SVG sources of the examples that you can learn from them. There is a good tutorial site, SVG Primer, that teaches us a lot in a short period of time.

I made these examples targeting PCs, but I will add more examples for smartphones such as iPhone and Android phones.

If you want to see the examples below with side by side sources, go to SVG Examples with Sources: #1-#2

SVG Example: Ellipses with opacity=50: static picture

ellipses with opacity=50

SVG Example: Ellipses with gradient: static picture

ellipses with gradient

SVG Example: Overlapped ellipses: static picture

ellipses with gradient

SVG Example: Six triangles: static picture

Six triangles

SVG Example: Spread Method: static picture

Spread Method

SVG Example: Clipped Ellipse: static picture

Clipped Ellipse

SVG Animation Example: Central Park: Clip Path Animation with SMIL static picture

Clipped Cental Park

SVG Example: Elliptic Masked Golden Gate Bridge: static picture

Masked Golden Gate Bridge

SVG Example: Black and red spheres: static picture


SVG Animation Example: Radial gradient animated with javascript

Radial Gradient Animation

SVG Example: Shrinking sphere: animated with javascript

shrinking sphere

SVG Example: SMIL sphere: animated with SMIL

SMIL sphere

SVG Example: SMIL two billiard balls: animated with SMIL

No effect of collision is considerd

SMIL two billiard balls

SVG Example: Drag and drop: animated with Javascript

Drag and drop site search: site search:

SVG Example: Tangential Circles: animated with Javascript

Tangential Circles

SVG Example: Cloning Circles: animated with Javascript

Clone Circles

SVG Example: SVG animated clock with Javascript

SVG Clock

SVG Example: Solar System

Solar System

SVG Example: Propeller: animated with Javascript


SVG Example: Winding Number: animated with SMIL

Winding Number

SVG Example: Rolling Down following path: animated with SMIL

Rolling Down

SVG Example: KeySplines - KeyTimes: animated with SMIL

keyspline effect

SVG Example: Eyeballs: animated with Javascript

eyeballs with clippath

SVG Filter Example: Moving shadow - Filter effect: Animated with SMIL

moving-shadow with smil

SVG Example: Embedded SVG into HTML - Vibration

Embedded SVG Animation - Vibration

SVG Zoom Example: The famous tiger.svg with magnifying glass

Embedded SVG Animation - Vibration

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